Month: March 2018

20 Ketogenic Diet Recipes for Losing Weight

Let’s face it: Trying new diets can be daunting.  Especially if many have failed you in the past. But discovering a diet that not only works but delivers fast weight loss can also be highly rewarding. The ketogenic diet not only helps you lose weight quickly and easily, but it can also DRAMATICALLY improve your health. But don’t dismiss it

They Said Apple Cider Vinegar is Great for You, BUT This is What they Didn’t Tell You

Research worldwide helps and commends what Hippocrates discovers and treated with his patients within 400 B.C. He discovered that natural, undistilled Apple Cider Vinegar (or ACV)* is a powerful cleaning and restoration elixir – a naturally occurring antibiotic & antiseptic that fights germs and bacteria – for a more fit, stronger, longer life! Apple Cider

The Health Issues That Can Be Natural Solved By Onions

Onions are one of the healthiest vegetables in the world. They own natural antibiotic properties and protect your body from numerous health disorders and diseases. Their antibiotic and antiseptic properties are owed to the high amount of sulfur they incorporate but additionally, they abound in an antioxidant known as Quercetin which prevents free radicals damage.

Do You Drool When You Sleep? You Are Very Lucky Then And We Will Explain Why

Sleeping is an essential process for our body. If we want to have an effective & active life, we need to have a good night’s sleep whenever our day ends, avoiding sleeplessness or stopping insomnia. Those folks who fail to adequately reconcile a good night’s sleep, have their mind functions affected in a completely negative way. Even


A butterfly-shaped organ located at the base of the neck, the thyroid gland is responsible for producing and releasing hormones which regulate metabolism as well as other body functions, including body weight, body temperature, skin integrity, heart rate, cholesterol level, breathing, muscle strength, menstrual cycle, and central and peripheral nervous system. How the Thyroid Gland